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5 popular sports в крации на английском языке 7 класс! (ЕСЛИ БУДЕТ ЧЕРЕЗ ПЕРЕВОДЧИК БАН) даю 99 б

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Table tennis is very popular. You can play this game at home or in the gym.You need a partner, a table, a small ball, a net and 2 small bats.                                  Horse riding is called the sport of kings.Only few people do this sport but it is popular to watch it and sometimes to win some money.    Football is one of the most popular sports.Two teams of eleven players kick a round ball,they are not allowed to handle it. Lots of people watch football matches on TV or support  their teams at stadiums.    Cycling is also a popular sport and hobby. You will keep fit if you ride a bike every weekend. I go in for cycling ,too.  Jogging is a favourite hobby and sport. It is the cheapest form of sport.Nothing is needed. You get up in the morning and jog.Its very healthy.

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