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50 баллов. 5 класс. Прошу, помогите.
Answer the following questions using the new words and word combinations.
1. Who trains sportsmen for international competitions?
2. What do we call members of the football team?
3. What do sportsmen do to keep fit, to be in excellent form?
4. How does the game end if the result is 0 : 0?
5. What can a coach say to his sportsman if he hasnt done any training for a long time?
6. What kind of student is a boy or girl if he (she) gets very, very good marks?
7. What kind of competition do sportsmen have if two or more boats compete with each other?
8. If you are a teacher, will you use any punishments? How will you punish your students?
Прошу, отвечайте правильно. Или жалоба на неполный ответ, так же у вас заберут полученные баллы.

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3.well,they run every day and do different exercises.Also,they eat healthy food and drink a lot of water.
5.He can say that sportsmen is in unaccountable.
6.the boy or girl is an А lavel student.
8.Persinally,i will use them.I will make notes about students who are misbehave and i ll call their parrents.
на остальные ответить не могу только потому,что не знаю таких подробностей о спорте.но,если что,смогу тебе перевести более менее правильно.

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