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Упр. 119. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в нужном времени. 1. Yesterday at the moment we (to start) eating, the telephone (to ring). 2. She was worried that her child (not to like) her new husband. 3. Look! Her hands (to be) dirty. She (to work) in the garden. 4. If you (not to warn) him just now, he (to fall) in the water. 5. Yesterday I (not to want) to stay late so I (to make) an excuse and (to leave). 6. My friend always (to criticise) the way I (to dress). 7. When we (to see) them last? 8. She never (to want) to commit herself to six years of study. 9. If you (to come) at six tomorrow,, you (to find) him at home. 10. If you (to know) her address, you (to send) her a letter today.

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1. Were starting / Rang
2. Wont like
3. Are / Has been working
4. Dont warn / will fall
5. Didnt want / made / left
6. Criticizing / Dress
7. Saw
8. Has _ wanted
9. Come / will find
10. Knew / wouldnt sent

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