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Раскрой скобки и поставт глаголы в подходящей форме: Present simple,present Continuous или Future Simple.

Pete: Helli,Nick.Where(1)are you going (you/go)?

Nick: To the tourist centre.Ive got a training session.Our team(2)....(go) to the Caucasus next week.We (1).... (leave) on Friday.

Pete: Oh ,that (4) .... (be) great!How (5) .... (you/get) there?

Nick: We (6) .....(travel) by train.It (7) .....(leave) at 5 oclock in the morning.

Pete: How long (8) .... (you/stay) there?

Nick:About a week.We (9) .... (have) two training marches.The first one(10)....(start) at 3 oclock on Sunday afternoon,and the second (11).....(finish) on Wednesday.

Pete: Do you think you(12)....(have a success)?

Nick:Yes ,but I have to go now.The team leader(13)....(be angry) with me If Im late.I (14)....(tell) you all about it when I (15)......(get) back

Ответ оставил Гость

2 is going
3 are leaving
4 will be
5 do you get
6 are travelling
7 leaves
8 are you staying
9 have
10 starts
11 finishes
12 will have a success
13 will be angry
14 will tell
15 get back

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