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Choose the correct word or phrase.
1 Tower Bridge was/were completed in 1894.
2 Batteries was/were invented in 1800 by Alessandro Volta.
3 In what year was discovered Pompeii /Pompeii discovered?
4 The Eiffel Tower is/are visited by many people each year.
5 Refrigerators are/arent used to keep food cold.
6 Is/ Are the digital camera often used in photography?

Put the verbs into the passive to complete the sentences.
1 This photo of the Khan Shatyr tent ______(take) in 2011.
2 Some drawings in Tamgaly-Tas _____ (draw) over 3 000 years ago.
3 These buildings ____ (build) in early 1890s.
4 These days, car parks _______ (find) in every big city.
5 Your kitchen is very clean. ____ it _____ (clean ) every night?
6 This laptop ______ (not buy) in China. I bought it in London.

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3.was discovered
4.is visited

1.was taken
2.were drawn
3.were built
4.are found
5.is it cleaned
6.was not bought

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