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Переделайте следующие предложения в(я вообще 0 в Английском) а) отрицательные и б) вопросительные 1.You know the answer. 2.He has breakfast at 8.00. З.Не loves her. 4.Some schoolgirls wear uniforms. 5.He trusts you. 6 He tries hard. 7 The park closes at dusk. 8.He misses his mother. 9 The children like sweets. lOJHe finishes work at 6.00. 11.He lives beside the sea. 12.He bullies his sisters. 13.This stove heats the water. 14.She has a cooked breakfast. 15 She carries a sleepingbag. 16.He usually believes you. 17. She dances in competitions. 18.You remember the address. 19.She plays chess very well. 20.He worries about her. 21.These thieves work at night. 22.He leaves home at 8.00 every day. 23.Ann arranges everything. 24.She agrees with you. 25.Their dogs bark all night. 26.Their neighbours often complain. 27.Tom enjoys driving at night.28.He engages new staff every spring. 29.Tom looks very well. 30.They sell fresh grape juice here. 31.He charges more than other photographers. 32.She cuts her husband’s hair. 33.They pick the apples in October. 34.The last train leaves at midnight.35.He relaxes at weekends. 36.She refuses to discuss it.

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1.You don’t know the answer.
2.He doesn’t have breakfast at 8.00.
З.Не doesn’t love her.
4.Some schoolgirls don’t wear uniforms.
5.He doesn’t trust you.
6 He doesn’t try hard.
7 The park doesn’t close at dusk.
8.He doesn’t miss his mother.
9 The children don’t like sweets.
lO He doesn’t finish work at 6.00.
11.He doesn’t live beside the sea.
12.He doesn’t bully his sisters.
13.This stove doesn’t heat the water.
14.She doesn’t have a cooked breakfast.
15 She doesn’t carry a sleepingbag.
16.He usually doesn’t believe you.
17 She doesn’t dance in competitions.
18.You don’t remember the address.
19.She doesn’t play chess very well.
20.He doesn’t worry about her.
21.These thieves don’t work at night.
22.He doesn’t leave home at 8.00 every day.
23.Ann doesn’t arrange everything.
24.She doesn’t agree with you.
25.Their dogs don’t bark all night.
26.Their neighbours don’t often complain.
27.Tom doesn’t enjoy driving at night.
28.He doesn’t engage new staff every spring.
29.Tom doesn’t look very well.
30.They don’t sell fresh grape juice here.
31.He doesn’t charge more than other photographers.
32.She doesn’t cut her husband’s hair.
33.They don’t pick the apples in October.
34.The last train doesn’t leave at midnight.
35.He doesn’t relax at weekends.
36.She doesn’t refuse to discuss it.

1. Do you know the answer?2. Does he have breakfast at 8.00? З.Does he love her?4. Do some schoolgirls wear uniforms?5.Does he trust you?6 Does he try hard? 7 Does the park close at dusk? 8.Does he miss his mother? 9 Do the children like sweets? lO Does he finish work at 6.00? 11. Does he live beside the sea? 12. Does he bully his sisters? 13.Does this stove heat the water? 14. Does she have a cooked breakfast? 15 Does she carry a sleeping bag? 16.Does he usually believe you.? 17.Does she dance in competitions?18. Do you remember the address? 19. Does she play chess very well? 20. Does he worry about her? 21.Do these thieves work at night? 22.Does he leave home at 8.00 every day? 23 Does Ann arrange everything? 24. Does she agree with you?25.Do their dogs bark all night? 26.Do their neighbours often complain? 27. Does Tom enjoy driving at night?28. Does he engage new staff every spring? 29. Does Tom look very well? 30.Do they sell fresh grape juice here?31. Does he charge more than other photographers? 32.Does she cut her husband’s hair? 33.Do they pick the apples in October?34. Does the last train leave at midnight ?35. Does he relax at weekends? 36. Does she refuse to discuss it?

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