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10 предложений по английски.(диалог)
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— Hello, do you have an appointment?
— Yes, Dr. Brown, my name is Jane Smith, Im here for just a quick check up on my teeth.
— Alright, sit down here please. Let me finish something and I will come back to you.
— Ok.
— So, here I am. Let us see... The teeth in the upper jaw are good, but you need to clean them properly.
— Do I have to use a special toothpaste?
— I dont think so, just remember to brush them every time something sticks between after a meal. Now please dont talk. So, as far as the bottom jaw goes... You actually have caries on the 2nd left molar. You can talk now.
— What should I do?
— Sing up for another appointment, we will brush your teeth properly and cure the molar.
— Thanks a lot, doc! Goodbye!
— Goodbye.

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