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2. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form ( -ing-form, to-infinitive or bare infinitive):
She apologised for __________ (interrupt) the session.
She is looking forward to ... (get) a new mobile phone.
John is afraid of __________(fly).
I don’t mind __________ (lend) you the book, but you must __________(return) it to me next week.
It’s cold outside. You’d better __________ (take) your coat.
We saw them __________ (do) all the damage.
She enjoys __________ (receive) people at home.
I would like __________ (meet) that writer.
I stopped __________ (play) football because of a knee injury.
They couldn’t __________ (find) the way easily.
The English teacher doesn’t let us __________(use) the dictionary while tests.

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1. Interrupting
2. getting
3. flying
4 lending
5 return
6 take
7 doing
8 receiving
9 to meet
10 playing
11 find
12 use

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