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Рассказ о чемпионе Украины 8 предложений на английском

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In Kiev, with the crowded stands of the Palace of Sports, the final matches of the Ukrainian boxing championship took place. True, instead of 10 planned battles took place nine.
The main contender for gold in the category up to 91 kg Denis Poyatyka withdrew from the fight due to injury, received in the semifinals. Gevor Manukyan received the "Gold"Also confident, with a score of 3: 0, in the final won the champion of Ukraine last year - Oleg Prudky. In the weight category up to 60 kg he defeated Dmitry Rudenka. This battle for Prudky did not become a difficult test. He passed the main exam in the semifinals, defeating the European champion - Ogneslava Ishchenko.....

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