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Make the following sentences indirect:

1. He said,

“Nobody can do this work as well as my friend”.

“I’ll come back in a few minutes”.

“I have already seen this film”.

2. She asked me,

“Where are you going?”

“How long have you studied English?”

“Do you like to study at this University?”

3. I didn’t know,

“What is her husband’s name?’

“When will he visit his friends?”

4. I said to him,

“Go to the cinema at once”.

“Bring me the textbook in economy”.

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1. He said that nobody could do this work  as well as his friend.
She asked me where I was going. She asked me how long I had studied English.She asked me if I liked to study at this University.
I didn’t know what her husband’s name was.I didn’t know when he would visit his friends.
I asked him to go to the cinema at once. I asked him to bring me the textbook in economy.

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