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1. Yesterday the mother _______ (ask) her little son if he _______ (be sorry) for what he _______ (do) before.

2. Last week his wife _______ (promise) to _______ (write) to him as soon as she _______ (can).

3. Her mother say she _______ (forget) to take her sandwiches.

4. His father said his son _______ (have to) work harder next term.

5. The clerk said the ticket _______ (cost) five pounds two years before.

6. I was sure that they _______ (be) glad to see you next year.

7. We knew that she _______ (live) in Paris before.

8. I thought that the Browns often _______ (receive) letters from their daughter.

9. I was sure that he _______ (work), and so I didn’t come into the room.

10. I think that they _______ (come) to an agreement.

Ответ оставил Гость

1. asked, was sorry, had done
2. promised, write, can
3. has forgotten
4. had to
5. cost
6. would be
7. has lived
8. received
9. was working
10. came

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