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​Complete the sentences and questions. Use the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
1​I cant find my glasses, Pat! (you / see) ________________ them anywhere this morning?
2​(David / not forget) _________________ to close the window. It was me!
3​What time (your dad / get up) ___________________ this morning?
4​Im afraid (I / not do) ___________________ my homework last night.
5​(you / read) ________________ this book yet? Is it interesting?
6​You look a bit tired, Paul! Where (you / be) _________________ last night?
7​‘Tom, this is Angela!’ ‘Yes, I know! (we / meet) _______________________ already!’
8​Its Monday again! (you / have) ________________ a good weekend?
9​Sorry, but youre late! The number 19 bus (just / leave) ____________________!
10​Ana (buy) _______________ a new camera yesterday.
11​What time (you / finish) _______________ your exam tomorrow morning?
12​‘Its Dads birthday on Sunday!’ ‘Yes, I know. (We / take) _______________ him to a restaurant for lunch.’

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1. Did you see
2. Didnt forget
3. Did your dad get up
4. I didnt do
5. Did you read
6. did you be
7. we met
8. Did you have
9. just leave
10. Bought
11. will you finish
12. We will take

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