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Напишите сюжет голодных игр на английском языке

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The action takes place in the post-apocalyptic world, where, following an unknown global catastrophe, an anti-utopian state Panem (Panem) was formed in the territory of the former North America. Its capital Capitol is located in the area of ​​the Rocky Mountains, once divided the US and Canada, and around it are concentrated twelve (originally thirteen) districts - the districts that supply the capital with a variety of raw materials. The class division of Panem is very characteristic: rich inhabitants of the Capitol shish at the expense of the poor, starving and oppressed inhabitants of the districts (moreover, the higher the district by number, the more distant it is from the Capitol and poorer). 74 years before the events described in the novels, dissatisfied with this state of affairs, Thirteen Districts revolted. The rebellion was brutally suppressed, twelve districts passed under the full control of the Capitol, and the 13th district (since nuclear weapons were manufactured there) was officially destroyed. In memory of this war (and in the edification of other districts), the Capitol hosts an annual entertainment tournament - The Hunger Games .
The rules of the games are simple: from each district through a draw (the so-called Harvest ceremony), two young people (a young man and a girl) aged 12 to 18 are selected who, among 24 participants (two from each district) become tributes - players of the reality- show on survival . The event is held in the arena, where every step of the tributes is watched by numerous video cameras, and the events are broadcasted throughout the country. In such features of the tournament can be seen similarity with the events of the novel by Koshun Takami "The Royal Battle".
Each pair of tributes has two mentors, mentors, who during the games collect money and find sponsors to help their participants: by sending out various artifacts necessary for survival (things, medicines, supplies) . Therefore, it is very important to attract the attention of the audience to the participants, for which all tributes are allocated a team of different makeup artists, stylists and hairdressers.
To become a tribute to the Hunger Games, it is necessary that a ticket with your name be pulled out from among all the others. What is noteworthy, the number of tickets for each potential tribute depends on his age, the older the participant, the more tickets with his name are involved in the draw. Also in poor districts there is an action according to which for additional tickets one can get an annual food ration for the whole family. In addition, anyone can volunteer for games, draw in this case is not carried out. In the event that several volunteers volunteered, the selection takes place between them. In some rich districts, volunteers are almost always called upon to play games.
The main character, 16-year-old Katniss Everdin, becomes a voluntary participant in the games (the lot falls on her younger sister, so Katniss is called instead). Together with the second participant from his District-12, Pete Mellarkom, Katniss enters into the struggle for life. Playing on the fact that they are madly in love with each other, Katniss achieves that the organizers of the games are forced to change the conditions for victory: if earlier the winner could be only one tribute, now if the last two surviving participants belong to the same district, then the winners both are declared. Katniss even threatened with double suicide (or both survive, or none), and the Capitol, in the person of the chief steward of the games, is compelled to reconcile with such an outrage that violates the 75-year-old rules of the game. The oppressed residents of the districts, encouraged by the fact that the girl managed to outbid the government on her own, get hope. Discontent is growing in the country.
Against the background of all this there is also a love affair. A childhood friend of Katniss, Gale Hawthorne, with whom she escaped into the forest (despite the fact that the exit beyond the territory of the district is strictly forbidden), she is obviously in love with her. And she herself, forced to portray a Pete in love with television cameras and trying to restore friendly relations with Gale, can not figure out her feelings (in this connection, quite often the comparison with the plot line of the series of novels by Stephanie Meyer "Twilight", where the heroine Bella Swan is also imprisoned in the love triangle, however, as critics note, in contrast to Bella, Katniss, in the first place, is not relations with young people, but questions of survival and concern for people close to her). 

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